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Botanica, you have quite a collection! But it seems you grow a lot of the plants in pots?

Rogaland, Norway - with cool, often rainy summers  (29C max) and mild, often rainy winters (180 cm/year)!

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Hello Hoy

Yes most cypripedium are in pot against some animals in the soil .The have eat one of them in 2011 Season  :o
I have some post of new plant (like Arisaema or Trillium and some others) for growing and before i plant that in soil in my garden.
This week most cypripedium could flowering and i send in this post the picture of flowering.
And i have most of seeding germinated from some exchange with forumers  ;D

I hope i have many species seed to propose for exchange to start a good 2014 season with other species in the garden.
I participate in June to a plant exchange in North of France with SAJA Association...i hope the weather was good!

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This week cypripedium flowering in mass !

What do you think about that ? Nice ...No ?

The germination project continue and germinate :)
If you have some seeds to colleted this year for me's very nice and cool ..remember me  ;D ;)

My cardicrinum giganteum grow well

And life in the garden reborn

Lori S.
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Yes, very nice indeed! 

Calgary, Alberta, Canada - Zone 3
-30 C to +30 C (rarely!); elevation ~1130m; annual precipitation ~40 cm

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Beauties, all of them.

I've wondered what cardiocrinum look like when first emerging from the soil....

Now I know. Thanks!

Rick Rodich    zone 4a.    Annual precipitation ~24 inches
near Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

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Thanks Lori S. and RickR,

This year the garden became very nice but i hope i have many new species thus year with batch's of Germination that people exchange and give to me .

The weather in my area is very rainy this year , the sun shine some day since the start of 2013 and not for long time.

But, i've seen the Tornado in USA  :o :o.. I realise raining is so cool after that.

Nobody here was damage ??? ...i hope !!

however (raining days), some plants grow and flowering well..look ! ;)

Geranium phaeum

Polemonium caeruleum

Centaurea montana


Ventricosum x

Ramonda myconi

Campanula glomerata

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New flowering

I received new some seed by forumer for my Botanical Garden..(from Hungary !)  ;D ;D ;D

Pulsatilla pratensis 'Nigricans'
Cerastium alpinum ssp lanatum
Ptilotrichum spinosum
Limonium minutum
Talinum paniculatum
Acantholimon glumaceum
Vella spinosa
Scutellaria alpina
Thlapsi coerulescens
Thlapsi densiflorum
Coluteocarpus vesicaria
Talinum calycinum
Physostegia virginiana

Have a good day in the Garden !

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Some picture of SAJA plants expositions and exchange in Arras (North of France).

That was in the garden of a very old SAJA members who found a Botanic Garden...What a big work !! :o

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New flowering of cypripedium in the garden ! ;D ;D

Cyp.flavum alba (not really 100% but ...)

Cypripedium pubescens




Cyp. macranthos

Cyp. reginae

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New plants in my garden after the SAJA yearly exchange and sales of young plants

1. dudleya calcicola
2. androsace sarmentosa
3. androsace brigantiaca
4. androsace vitaliana
5. androsace sempervivoides
6. sedum cyaneum
7. ewartia planchonii
8. cerastium alpinum lanatum
9. hieracium maculatum
10. saxifraga stolonifera
11. saxifraga southside seedling
12. saxifraga longifolia
13. campanula wanneri
14. saxifraga grisebachii
15. saxifraga kolenatiana
16. saxifraga hostii rhaetica
17. primula pubescens
18. Haberlea rhodopensis
19. Chiastophyllum oppositifolium
20. trollius yunnanensis
21. dodecatheon jeffreyi
22. mitella yoshinagae
23. campanula grossekii
24. campanula alliariifolia
25. jeffersonia dubia
26. erinus alpinus
27. digitalis davisiana


And the 2013 germination project...


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