Bloodroot - Sanguinaria canadensis

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I don't feed either.  But the soil is rather rich, and the leaf mulch is constantly breaking down. 

I do find that Multiplex seems to benefit from division every 4-5 years. 

By the way, when you have a sterile clone like this one, the daily opening and closing repeats for many more days.

Rick Rodich    zone 4a.    Annual precipitation ~24 inches
near Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

Mark McD
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Rick, you bring up an important point, division and replant is often a key factor in the health of some plants, as old mature clumps can die out, perhaps natural for it to do so.  I had a magnificent clump of Trillium grandiflorum 'Multiplex', with over flowering 30 stems, but in the last couple years it hasn't been looking so good, and not flowering well.  This year, just two flowers, some buds aborted. Growing at the base of an expanding Magnolia tree, I was convinced by a friend it was time to dig it up and replant, and so I did.  It was tough finding the pocket of soil through some huge branch-like roots, but I did extract it, gave some clumps to my friend (she gave it to me in the first place), then separated out about 25 pieces and replanted; they've already perked up.  Must do the same on many more plant this year.

Mark McDonough
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Hi Rick
very nice flowers.mine bioomed twodays ago only 3 flowers but even before taking the pictures the two  are gone.But i like the leaves also.


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I am aware of the necessity to divide and replant but mine haven't been there for more than 3 years. But I haven't mulched them either also I usually mulch other plants. Have to mend that!

Rogaland, Norway - with cool, often rainy summers  (29C max) and mild, often rainy winters (180 cm/year)!


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