Building a Bog

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Lori S.
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Wow!  How many bog gardens do you have, to house all of those various plants?

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Amanda in Pittsburgh
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I have created several small bogs next to my pond.  I scooped out a 8"-10" deep depression and lined it with pond liner.  I used uncomposted peat mixed with about 1/4 washed (sandbox) sand and watered thoroughly with water from my rain barrel.  (Don't use water with chlorine.  Filtered water works in a pinch.)  If you plan to grow drosera, put holes at soil level so the plant crowns don't get wet in winter.  Other bog plants don't care.  I grow pitcher plants, venus fly traps, grass pink orchids and ladies tress orchids.  I would recommend putting ladies tress orchids in their own plot, since they are quite invasive.I got many of my plants from Carnivorous Plant nursery in MD.  I live in Pittsburgh, PA (zone 6) 


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