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Mark McD
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Flora ID Northwest

Has anyone invested in the Flora ID Northwest software, from what I can see from the following links, it looks like a great idea and resource.

Advertised on the Native Plant Society of British Columbia web site, it shows screen capture of the software:

Flora ID Northwest: computerized plant keys contain complete descriptive information for all vascular plant species known to grow in British Columbia and the Pacific Northwest (both native and naturalized introduced species).

Order form:

There are 3 editions:
British Columbia Edition CD: $ 75
Southwest Canada Edition CD: $150 (New: BC, AB, SK, MB)
Pacific Northwest Edition CD: $150 (Revised: BC, AB, WA, OR, ID)

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Looks like a great resource. The NPSBC web sight is very good also! Thanks for posting this.

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of the Great Basin and the Eastern
Escarpment of the Sierra Nevada Range
Located in Reno/Sparks,NV  zone 6-7
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