Penstemon fruticosus v scouleri Albus

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Spectacular... and wondrous and glorious!
  The rock construction, not to mention the plants, is expertly done. :o

Gosh, it would be nice if my pensteomons bloomed like that!

Rick Rodich    zone 4a.    Annual precipitation ~24 inches
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I agree about David Sellars yard: spectacular and encouragement to us all. Mark; Isn't P. 'Wax Works' one of your plants? This all comes 'round because I lost my 'Wax Works' two or three years ago, but last year noticed seedlings, and these have returned, that look a lot like 'Wax Works' children. I'm not completely up to speed on my Penstemon growing yet; but these are being closely watched.

Michael Peden
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David your garden is marvellous. I have never seen such a beautiful rock garden


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Thanks for your kind comments on our garden.

Those pictures with the Penstemon fruticosus Purple Haze were taken 8 years ago! This is what the garden looks like today.  We've finally had a sunny spell of good weather. 8)

David Sellars
From the Wet Coast of British Columbia, Canada

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What an absolute joy to stroll through your magnificent garden, David - with a camera, a plantsman's eye and a photographic memory to record and remember every horticultural delight. Truly superb.

Cliff Booker A.K.A. Ranunculus
On the moors in Lancashire, U.K.
Usually wet, often windy, sometimes cold ... and that's just me!


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