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Mark McD
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Weiser wrote:

Are Opuntias on your list? If so good luck with that!! Those glochids will find a way to get you! Like it or not!

I only have a small O. humifusa in a planter.  Maybe I should just admire Opuntia phtographically... hate glochids.  It's bad enough cleaning up around Onosma species, that have glochid-like tendencies, where gloves must be used to avoid skin irritations.  And now that I'm growing a comprehensive collection of Epimedium, some of the Asian species have spiny leaves, soft enough when in fresh growth, but tough and very prickly on mature leaves and when dried... just jabbed myself on Epimedium campanulatum when weeding around it yesterday.

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I do not grow Opuntia either.  No "removable" spines for me.  Although, If I could find a cholla that's hardy here, I might rethink my rule.

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The only cholla that stands a chance for you would be imbricata or just maybe a low growing whipplii. Just keep them dry in the winter. They are more tolerant of cold weather if keep dry.

If you want to give it a shot private message me.  I know were you can get a cutting or two. 8)

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