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Mark McD
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Boland wrote:

We often have snow in May....last year we had a significant snowfall on May 26.  Here is the perennial border at our Botanical garden and what is left of the last tulips of the season...didn't really do any serious damage but it looked depressing!

Todd, I agree, it is depressing when that happens.  I think we're in for the same; after the earliest spring season in 10 years (by 2 weeks), snow is predicted for Friday... which will dampen the good looks on all my clumps of Crocus, which are hanging tight again for several days during our current cold cloudy and rainy weather.

Re: Bulbocodium vernum, I have never tried this one yet... it looks like one to try.  Lori, I like the photo where the flower emerge out of a sedum.

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Well, to be honest, we also can have snow in May, it is very uncommon here at the coast, more common inland (at higher elevation it always snow in May!).

I remember the year my mother was celebrating her 70th anniversary and we spent the weekend at the south coast at our cabin there. When we wake up in the morning, children first of course, one of them said, "Dad, it is snowing outside!" and I replied with my eyes shut "No, you are wrong, it is only the spent flowers of the cherries!" However, it was snowing and we had to spend the day inside in stead of in the garden.

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I actually enjoy snow at this time of year.  It is rare for us not to have a big snow event in March, but it looks like we like we are going to get away with it.  It's been a godsend for flood prone areas.  At my lattitude (45˚N) the sun is intense and snow doesn't last so long, even though temperatures are still cold. My gardens are late compared to most in my parts, and it is gratifying when other gardeners are scrambling trying to prevent frost damage, and I just sit back, never having to worry.

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