Evergreen plants after a New England winter

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Mark McD
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RickR wrote:

Hey look at this http://home.earthlink.net/~darrellpro/ .
E. lishihchenii looks just like mine.
I have to say though, that pubescence isn't the right word, as the short hairs are very stiff and give a rough feel to the leaf.

Hiya Rick, yes I know the URL well, Darrell Probst lives about 35-40 minutes from me, and it has become a annual ritual to place an order each spring then attend one of his several "Open Nursery" days in May each year to pick up the order, buy more plants, and view the nursery beds.  To see rows upon rows of Epimedium treasures, unreleased new species and amazing hybrids is such a mind-bending experience. And Darrell and Karen are always so accomodating to answer questions and offer vital information.  As I like to say, we have a special situation where the world's Epicenter of Epimedium is right here in the heart of Massachusetts.

So, our plants come from the same source.  Be aware however, that in the case of E. lishihchenii, Garden Vision Epimediums (the new nursery name, now run by ex-wife Karen Perkins, although Darrell is still contributing to the effort) list this species as "several clones/Cc. numbers", which is to say, the sale of this plant is represented by a number of variable collections, but without highly identifiably different characteristics to warrant separating them out.  In the case of some "eppie" species, like E. grandiforum f. flavescens, he sells 9 different forms, and now 4 different forms of pubigerum (I have all of them with which to compare), so I trust the level of observation and judgement.  In just a few weeks, when spring truly arrives, I shall look at my E. lishihchenii for the stiff hairs, maybe they're present in mine but I just haven't looked closely enough.  Overall though, I'd say our plants generally match.

Mark McDonough
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