Summer bulbs 2012

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Mark McD
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Tim, your Sternbergia seems early, but a gorgeous patch. 

Tony, sometimes plants are just plain wonderful and weird, and Biarum certainly qualifies.  Your plant just "squeaked in" to be a summer bloomer, as this response 2 days later marks the first day of autumn.  I tried growing some Biarum species from Mike Salmon seed a number of times but never succeeded; I wonder if it has more to do with keeping plants dry versus an issue with winter hardiness.  While these are quantifiably weird plants, I do like them and some day hope to grow a few (outdoors) successfully.

Mark McDonough
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Tony Willis
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I keep mine totally dry in summer and start to water hen I see growth in the early autumn. Cold is not a problem as I have found most very hardy. This particular one is covered in snow all winter.

Some of the lowland ones like davisii are probably tender.


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