Castilleja miniata

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Lori S.
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Castilleja miniata

Castilleja miniata is one of our native species, which has been doing nicely out in the front yard from 3 plants purchased from a local grower 9 years ago, and has been producing a small number of seedlings in the last few years.
Emerging mid-May, and in bloom by mid-June this late year:

Colour variations:


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This is a lovely larger species from damp sights.
I have not had the opportunity to collect seed from this species but hope to.
Lori when you purchased these plants were they potted up with a host?

From the High Desert Steppe
of the Great Basin and the Eastern
Escarpment of the Sierra Nevada Range
Located in Reno/Sparks,NV  zone 6-7
John P Weiser

Lori S.
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No, they weren't.

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