Seed Exchange Ordering NOW OPEN


The Main Order fulfillment will be handled in February this year by the members of the Siskiyou Chapter (Oregon). We ask for your patience this year while they fill your orders in a safe manner. The Surplus Order Fulfillment will be done by the Great Lakes chapter (Michigan) in late March. We wish to thank them for their hard work as well as acknowledge the many donors and packaging volunteers who also made this year’s Seed Exchange possible!

The 2020-2021 Seed Exchange Online Ordering is now OPEN. Please read the Online Ordering Instructions - Read First! page before ordering.

Contact us if you have any questions

Print copies of the Seed List with a form for ordering by mail will be mailed ONLY to members who request one. Contact: Joyce Fingerut , 537 Taugwonk Road, Stonington, CT 06378-1805 USA

IMPORTANT: The European Commission recently issued a regulation stating that a phytosanitary certificate must accompany all shipments of seed entering any country within the European Union (including the UK). This is in addition to the phyto already required for seeds entering Japan.

Members residing in European Union, UK and Japan will be able to place orders in the Main Distribution that starts in December (no moist packed seed and no Surplus round orders will be allowed). NARGS will provide the necessary phyto and send the orders to a consignee in each country. Due to phytosanitary restrictions, moist packed seeds cannot be sent to EU, UK or Japan.

Since you may be receiving your seeds too late to sow the seeds that need winter temperatures outdoors, we recommend that you start your seeds that need cold in your refrigerator. You can either sow them in small pots (if you have a separate refrigerator or very understanding spouse) or inside a plastic bag on a moist (but not soaking wet) paper towel or with some damp soil media (vermiculite or seed starter mix). Then chill them for 3 months or until they start to germinate. Be sure to check them frequently to make sure they are still damp, and move them out of the refrigerator and into pots as soon as they start to germinate. 

Check out the Seed Exchange Helpful Links page for website and article links on Seed Collecting & Cleaning, Seed Identification, as well as Germination. 


Many thanks to the seed donors for all the wonderful seeds they sent in; to the seed packagers who are sorting all the seeds into individual packets in December; to the Siskiyou chapter volunteers who will fill the Main Round seed orders in January; and to the Great Lakes chapter volunteers who will handle the Surplus Round in March.

You can view previous year's lists on Past Years Seed Lists page. 

 If you have any questions/comments regarding the Seed Exchange send a message to Seed Exchange Director and/or Intake Manager using this contact  link.