Two gardenworthy willows ... and two more!

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Apologies for cross-posting this on the SRGC forum as well.

Could anyone kindly identify this dwarf salix from these poor images?  A herbaceous species that has filled a twelve inch pan, has soft downy leaves and is flowering now at less than three inches tall - many thanks in anticipation.

Welcome suggestions have already been made regarding S. polaris and S. uva-ursi but neither seem to correspond exactly.

Cliff Booker A.K.A. Ranunculus On the moors in Lancashire, U.K. Usually wet, often windy, sometimes cold ... and that's just me!

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Carlo wrote:

Great to see Salix mentioned in the forums. I especially love the little ones and have grown them in the past (but not now...). I believe them to be among the most underappreciated plants. Thanks for posting.

Why did you stop growing them if you don't mind saying. I'm thinking about growing them myself. Would they do well in z6b Southeastern climate?

Kyle McAfee, z6b, Middle Tennessee a little south of Nashville.


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