Some Flora and Fauna on Beausoleil Island

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Sharon - glad you liked the pics.  I'll have to be a bit more serious about my photography when we go up there again next year, I hope.  Next time I'll pack a tripod and try to capture in focus Clintonia borealis, Cornus canadensis, the Star Flower and the wonderful  three foot long Fox snakes of which we saw two - great excitement for everyone.  Wild blueberries abound there too - yum!  Yes, it is very distressing to hear that, even though he M.rattler is endangered and "protected", people kill them - why?  And yes, this is the first I have seen one - the highlight of the trip. Fran

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A beautiful place in beautiful sun, Fran ;)I get the impression that most of the woods consist of conifers but some of the closeups show oak leaf (red oak- Quercus rubra?)?

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So good to see,what a beautiful area. We are visiting the Bruce Peninsular and then onwards to Algonquin National Park leaving here  in 10 days and are looking forward to the flowers. I am not mentioning the snakes to my wife otherwise I will be on my own.

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Nice spot, Fran! I've only passed through the area briefly, but love the landscapes of rock and water.

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