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Nice Pyrolas-- I like the marked leaves and white flowers, Cliff's also..We talked about this genus at SRGC forum too, I'm going to try some transplants this year, I'm thinking timing might be important--maybe after flowering when they make new leaves? P asarifolium grows naturally all over my land (including some very large patches, but blooming is generally scattered in nature here), Orthilia secunda is just as widespread though though less numerous, and a couple patches of Moneses. P elipticala is widespread but much less common, and this is the one I'd most like to establish in the 'yard' since the others are already here!..We also have another sp/form in wet wooded areas (the other species grow from moist open/mixedwoods to very dry locations under spruce) like asarifolia, but with smaller raised veined leaves, reply #4:

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I'm fairly familiar with the Pyrolas of Connecticut (I used to live in the state, and I was active in the Connecticut Botanical Society). I'm voting for Pyrola americana (syn rotundifolia). It's quite characteristic of the plant to have glossy leaves with lighter veins -- although your plant is probably more conspicuously veined than average. Pyrola americana is not exactly common in Connecticut, but it's not rare either.

The only other Pyrolas reported in Connecticut are P. elliptica and P. virens (syn. chlorantha). This is definitely not Pyrola elliptica, because that species has non-shiny leaves that are, well, elliptical rather than rotund. Pyrola virens is possible, but it's much less common in Connecticut than is P. americana.

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Welcome to the forum, Janet!  So glad you could join us!

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