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Here in Michigan at the GLC our sale is not open to the public. We have two sales a year always at someone's garden that we visit, one in spring one in the fall. Members bring their plants,seedlings, divisions, trees & shrubs. The only real restriction is we ask that they not bring house plants, tropical's and entire flats of sedum acre or some other really common plant. We ask to have plants labeled at home with their name on the tag.

The plants are arranged on tables and a couple of us decide what is special or rare enough to auction. For each plant chosen for auction the owner gets a first pick tag. Also for every 10 plants donated to the sale that person gets a first pick tag. First pic tags holders still pay for their plants .The auction is done first, then usually we let people that want to say something about what they donated speak to the group. The real fun part is getting everybody to step back 3 steps then go. Elbows fly. Each plant has a colored tag corresponding to the price, minimum is $1 up to $10-15.

When I attended a meeting at the Berkshire chapter I saw people speaking about the plants they brought. This allows them to mention if they have something unusual or of interesting providence, this plant is from Fred Case or Betty Blake for example. It adds a nice touch  to the sale.

Don LaFond

Great Lakes Chapter NARGS



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Sounds like a nice plant share between members.

It is good to hear how different Chapters run their sales/shares.


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