North American Columbines - starting with Aquilegia saximontana

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Mark McD
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Hello Chris, I will second Lori's opinion, it is not A. saximontana, but it is still a lovely little columbine all the same. 

David, I wasn't aware of that club, will have to look it up and join cheeky, although I am a member of "80% of Penstemon Seed in Seedexes is hirsutus" club.

Mark McDonough Massachusetts, USA, near the New Hampshire border USDA Zone 5 antennaria at  

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I'm about to join that one too Mark.

David Nicholson in Devon, UK  Zone 9b

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Hey ho, I like it anyway so it will stay in its trough and live happily ever after.  It's not that bovvered that it doesn't have a name... Thanks for your help!  Good to find there's another good forum to browse...

Chris Northumberland UK


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