New Zealand Ranunculus

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Mark McD
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New Zealand Ranunculus

I try to use restraint in cross-posting to our big sister the Scottish Rock Garden Club Forum (SRGC), reserving such actions to point to topics that are not otherwise covered or available here on NARGS (and vice-versa), but I believe NARGS forumists will be enthused to see photos of magnificent alpine New Zealand Ranunculus species, the most mesmerizing are R. haastii and the newly established R. acraeus. Peter G, I expect to see you growing these by the bushel in a couple years ;D


Re: NZ field trips - December 2010

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OMG! Sorry to use techno-shorthand, but I don't know what else to say! No way this plant would ever grow here, but I think that someone in North America should get it going. I bet some of the botanical gardens could do it, along with some of the talented amateurs. Let me know if you get seed or plants and if you are successful with it.

Barbara Weintraub Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA 6700 feet elevation - high and dry nominally zone 5b; i think it's closer to 6a

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