My summer in the USA

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Lori S.
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Wonderful pictures, Steve!  What a fabulous trip it must have been!  So many special and beautiful plants, and the Calyptridium pix are mindboggling.  :o

Looks like June 21st is a little early for the high country there.   ;)

It sounds like your trip was quite lengthy from your comment about collecting seed "a month later".  You certainly packed in some amazing sights!

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It's quite evident that you did some heavy research choosing your destinations, Steve, and it certainly paid off well!  Every pic is captivating, and oh my gosh, that Calochortus (along with everything else)!  Those little point and shoot cameras have come a long way... Bravo!

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Great effort Steve --Damn it  !!  ;D i should have taken up your offer of travelling with you ,at least for part of the time .Maybe next year Bud.

Cheers Dave.

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Steve Newall
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Cheers Toolie . Yep , we would have had a good time . Hope to go back next year for august/september and catch an IPPS conference and the far west trade show . Also see a few more plants and their seedy bits and the offer still holds .

Lori - the seasons were all mixed up . The Pacific Northwest was at least a month late because of late snow followed by cool weather . Colorado was at least a month early because of drought and less winter snows . I was in the states for 9 weeks and put 15 000 miles on my rental car . If things had been more normal I was contemplating the mileage to Calgary from Spokane . Maybe next time , especially if Toolie was riding shotgun .

Many of the places I visited I had been to before and only the Siskiyous were new territory . Sean Hogan was my guide there which really helped . A local guide is invaluable and I hope I can reciprocate for any NARGS members wishing to visit New Zealand .

A couple more pictures now and then a few more next week with sp. after there name

Lilium columbianum

Wyethia sp

Caltha leptosepala

Balclutha , New Zealand

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Absolutely stunning plants and pictures, Steve ... can't wait to see more ... please!!!

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