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I really don't have the words so BRILLIANT will have to do.

David Nicholson in Devon, UK  Zone 9b

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Cliff:Most TV nature programs are heavy on the fauna and if you see any flora, it is only when the animal is passing by. 

So much of our appreciation of alpine plants is the setting and I think it is much easier to convey the magic of wild habitat with video compared with still images. Your venture sounds worthwhile and I would be willing to help out.

David Sellars From the Wet Coast of British Columbia, Canada Feature your favourite hikes at: MountainFlora videos:

Tony Willis
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What a wonderful video,we shall definitely make a trip there.

We were able to take one of David's walks to see Lewisa cotyledon in Oregon this year and nothing could have been more help to us.

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I posted your video of Saxifraga florulenta on the Flemish-Dutch forum.I think, alpine-lovers in Belgium and Holland must see this!

Tim Ingram
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There have been mutterings for quite a few years from knowledgeable gardeners in the UK (and I am sure elsewhere too) about the dearth of any really searching programmes on TV, both on plants in Nature and on more skilled gardening. Like Cliff says, the Alpine Garden Societies have so much expertise between them, and even more important enthusiasm, that it would really be a good time to approach TV production companies and Natural History film-makers with possible projects on these plants. As David says the amazing landscapes in which these plants grow are the key, and the drama of climate and geology. Hopefully the more of us who think about this the greater the chance of getting something off the ground!

Dr. Timothy John Ingram Faversham, Kent, UK I garden in a relatively hot and dry region (for the UK!), with an annual rainfall of around 25", winter lows of -10°C and summer highs of 30°C.  


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