Hello from Tahoe!

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Mary Nagel Klein
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Hello from Tahoe!

I'm a new member of the NARGS - and also very new to Tahoe. We moved to a house 1 mile north of the north shore of Lake Tahoe this past June - coming from Minnesota. My husband and I will be living in this house year round while my son and his family will be in and out - using this house as their vacation home.

Having enjoyed gardening in the midwest, I'm now looking forward to learning all I can about the flora of the Lake Tahoe Basin. I'd like to garden and live in harmony here with the lake, mountains and local climate. There is so much I have to learn - that is why I joined you all!

I was hoping to find a chapter near me but the closest one is 150 miles away. Maybe there are a few of you near Lake Tahoe who would like to meet informally? Or maybe form a chapter of our own - if that's possible.

Thank you all for sharing your knowledge and wisdom here - I'm looking forward to hearing from you and reading your posts!

Mary Klein
Incline Village, Nevada