The garden of Botanica..My little "Botanic Garden"

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Wonderful pics, Botanica.  The iris and the heavily spotted sax are especially fetching. 

I am wondering about the color tags in the pots at the SAJA plant sale.  Do they designate a set price?We do that with our not-open-to-the-public plant sale in August.  Yellow=50 centsgreen=$1red=$1.50blue=$2lavender=$3orange=$4

Rick Rodich    zone 4a.    Annual precipitation ~24 inches near Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

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Hello  RickR,

Thank's for comment about quality of picture  :D

The color tag is (from my memories)

Yellow= 1 €green/blue= 2 €orange= 3 €red=4€

I sad that i couldn't be with you for your plant do have so many nice and rare species to proposed ?

I hope you could take many photos for me and other members to see this event and nices plants  ;D ;D ...

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I am a little jealous on you Botanica, all those wonderful Cypripediums :o

Trond Rogaland, Norway - with cool, often rainy summers  (29C max) and mild, often rainy winters (180 cm/year)!

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Thank you very much Hoy  ;)

I am very proud of my cypri season , because most are flowering but not really all cyps.

I am sure you've many interesting plants and alpines species of course!!!..I am very jaleous on many people in this forum ..They have many many interesting species  :o ...that i would to have in my little botanic garden in Ardennes .

Some seed provided form some of you in this forum germinate..i hope i could have some good adult plants  ;D

I've other plants in the garden

Paeonia flowering in mass very bigs flowers !

Leontopodium nivale

Some Sarracenia species

Cardiocrinum giganteum (one survived  >:( )

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Hello everybody


I am sorry for the long time of silence ..but i have many problem to connect in this forum ...i don't know why but ..many difficulties .

This day , i reply a new test and Wooo i could connect me and find my old post !

I realize this forum is (for me) not so easy to use that SRGC..i was the only one to say (realized) that ...perhaps i have note find the good way ??


What news for my Germination Project...? 

New batch of germination this year with approximative 200 pots this weekend ..the starting of the season !!!



Polemonium pauciflorum (form 2013 seeding)


New collection of saxifraga


 Artemisia umbelliformis (Génépi jaune) (form 2013 seeding)


And many others for next days , i could you proposed !

 For information , i create a FaceBook page for exchange with many people my passion of plants (and Alpines !!)

And in the SRGC forum too ..of course because i am a members cool

Have good days in yours garden ..the climate in France it's very hot ..22°c this week with sun !


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