amazing Apiaceae (the umbellifers)

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No sign of losing Angelica grayi (Gray's Angelica) though as it's turned out to be perennial and is now 10 years old. However, I've never checked it's identity. Anyone have a key to North American Angelica?

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Like the Angelica gigas with monarda and lily - all these plants struggle in our summer dry garden, though might have done better this year (which was actually spring 'very dry' and summer 'quite cool and moist'). The pictures of Selinum show what a very lovely plant it is with those dark stems. And I am interested in Angelica grayi - I've not grown this, but until now I have tended to assume all angelicas are monocarpic. Do you get many wasps pollinating A. gigas? Umbels are great for all sorts of insects but some seem to especially attract different types.

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