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Gardening with Sharp Draining Soil:
The Good, the Bad, the Ugly

Woodlanders in the Rocks

Sun or Shade - It'll Grow

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Cynthia Jones

David Culp

Michael Vaughn


Sharp-draining soil is a blessing and a curse. Rain, wind, and heat waves can translate into problems if you don’t factor in soil drainage. Cynthia Jones will look at woodland plants that thrive in such conditions and consider soil additions that help plants adapt. A gardener from the Pacific Northwest , her focus is on Asian woodlanders and garden design.

The North American woodland forests have provided a distinctive style of gardening, one that has naturally evolved in rocky, deciduous woods rich in wildflowers.


David Culp gardens on two acres in Pennsylvania and has mastered the technique of choosing plants that have interest in the garden at all seasons.

Michael Vaughn is an obsessive plant collector with an (eagle) eye for unusual mutations. He’s been collecting and growing for two decades and has a vast collection of the rare, unusual and variegated.

Michael will discuss a variety of small woodland gems for nooks and crannies in the garden. Things that work in sun that are completely unexpected.

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Dwarf Ferns
For the Shaded Rockery

On the Edge:
Companion Bulbs for the Rock Garden and Woodland

Plants I've Loved and the Ones That Loved Me


Todd Boland

Bridget Wosczyna

Barry Yinger


As a rule we have to rely more on foliage than flowers when dealing with shade. Shaded rock gardens are no exception This presentation will discuss the wide variety of dwarf ferns that can add needed foliage interest and contrast to a shaded rockery.

Bridget will discuss small bulbs that work in the rock garden AND the woodland/woodland edges. She specializes in South African, Greek, and Turkish bulbs and plants/bulbs that can tolerate a variety of light, soil and competition and pushes the bounds of what will grow where.

This well-known plant explorer will provide a retrospective on some of the 2,000 plants he has introduced from Asia for the woodland garden. Barry Yinger’s former nursery, Asiatica, supplied plant geeks for over twelve years with interesting rarities. He currently resides in Tanzania, where he is working to conserve populations of sansevieria.

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