NARGS Rocks: Rock Gardening Does Meadows

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Meadow Inspirations
from Nature

The Chanticleer
Gravel Garden

Meadow Gardening
at Great Dixter

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Cassian Schmidt

Lisa Roper

Fergus Garrett


Learn about meadow style plantings for less maintenance with inspirations from Nature. Take a deep dive into the epitome of meadow garden design--comparing planting combinations and type, inspired by wild steppe, savannah, and prairie, as seen in the gardens at the Hermannshof. There, in Germany, are perhaps the world oldest and most developed meadow-gardening traditions.

The Gravel Garden is a mix of fine-textured grasses, gray-leafed Mediterranean plants, drought tolerant perennials, annuals grown from seed, and hardy succulents.  Lisa will talk about managing the garden and the plants she grows successfully in various degrees of drainage, as well as the challenge of humidity and 40 inches (102 cm) of annual rain.

In 1992 Fergus became head gardener at Great Dixter, working closely with Christopher Lloyd until Lloyd's death in 2006. There he maintains the borders and meadows. This storied British garden is setting an example by maintaining progressive gardens that are a mosaic structure of the meadow style with the goal of increased biodiversity.

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Crossroads of
Grazing, Grasslands & Rock Gardening

Native Lawn
& Streambank Restoration

A Sown Garrigue
& Other Adventures

Video recordings will be available later for your viewing pleasure.

Kyle Dallefeld

Krissy Boys

Erik Fleischer


Rock gardening may feel very out of place when done in the epicenter of the American prairie. You may be reminded of a modern Claude Barr when you meet the millennial Kyle: an Iowan plantsman, farmer, pasture seedsman, and rock gardener, on his personal tour of life at the intersection of climate, soil, botany, gardening, and grazing.

Join this Cornell Botanic Gardens’ native plant horticulturist for an in-depth presentation on two sites within the garden:  A “Native Lawn" installed more than a decade ago; and the more recent “Streambank Restoration” on pure gravel. These sites represent drought tolerant native plant communities of New York State.

Erik will share his interest and experience with designing and establishing a "mini-garrigue" – a plant community of mostly Mediterranean species that is never irrigated and has proven to be very resilient.  He will also share his interest in and experience with designing and establishing drought-tolerant designed plant communities in a dry-summer climate.

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