Utah Oxytropis?

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Anne Spiegel
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Thanks so much, Rick.  The computer and I have such an uneasy relationship!

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I've never come across a white flowered individual before very nice!

From the High Desert Steppe
of the Great Basin and the Eastern
Escarpment of the Sierra Nevada Range
Located in Reno/Sparks,NV  zone 6-7
John P Weiser

Anne Spiegel
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Joined: 2010-01-26

And sooo long-lasting.  I think if you look long enough you will find a white form of almost any plant.  I've seen a white form
of Oxytropis podocarpa above Boreas Pass years ago.  May I just use this space to say how much I'm enjoying your articles in the Quarterly.  I hope there will be more.


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