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Anne Spiegel
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Here are two pictures of astragalus pods forming. The first is Astragalus zionis, not a great picture, sorry, but the pod is wonderful.  The 2nd picture is of Astragalus monspessulans pods.

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I've gone and done it. taken to hacking away at an ancient Astragalus angustifolius in my front garden. This one had grown to over a meter across and had ceased to flower well. Winter left all but the tips toasted. It did fully recover last season from this and I suspect it would again this, but there does come a point. I call the front garden Cactus Park; a tree sized Yucca glauca is hogging alot of the scene there and a massive toasted pea doesn't quite fit the picture. Oh; there are pieces of pea remaining to tease me and the plant has been propagated: it, is, after all, a desirable plant which thought has actually been an impediment to my removing it in this garden before! I'm actually considering something more in theme to replace it: Opuntia macrorhiza, an old faithful I collected in Wyoming years ago. This makes large doilies of pads standing as high as 25 centimeters and always blooms in soft yellow. It has nice fruit too in fall, is architecturally striking and doesn't really look dead in spring. Ten years later: I'm still working towards Cactus Park -a theme that is completely doable here in the northeastern US. The pea will give its graces elsewhere in the garden.

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