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Will Coryphantha vivipara take frosts?  As near as I can tell we are in the equivalent of your zone 10. Hot, dry, make that very dry summers, sandy soils, and reasonably heavy frosts with accasional light snow falls. I have the ideal sit with natural rocky outcrops of sandstone. ???

Lori S.
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grannysmith wrote:

Will Coryphantha vivipara take frosts?

Coryphantha vivipara is native up through the Canadian prairies, where lows of -40 deg F (and worse) occur regularly*.
Frost is not a problem.   :)

(*I imagine some of the subspecies that are adapted to warmer areas may be slightly less hardy.)

Calgary, Alberta, Canada - Zone 3
-30 C to +30 C (rarely!); elevation ~1130m; annual precipitation ~40 cm

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The issues in fact might be the opposite for someone in hot zone 10--some of the cold adapted species don't like year round warm temperatures (haven't head re: vivipara, but I know of people struggling with Opuntia fragilis in warm places, and Pediocactus is said to not like warm summer nights); You can always try, but why bother? there are so many wonderful cacti that will thrive in zone 10!! I trying vivipara, I'd first go for the southern forms which at least will be more accustomed to hot summers...

west central alberta, canada; just under 1000m; record temps:min -45C/-49F;max 34C/93F;

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Oh, it's good fun discovering what goes on in these threads. Back to Panayoti and his designs on designing a triffid. My idea of planting Yucca whipplei was to attract visitors - so far it has only impaled me! The only cactus I have grown is that amazing Maihuania (have I got that right?) which flowered beautifully on a raised bed of deep grit. One of the oldest members of our Group, who lives as far south-east as you can go at Broadstairs, had Y. whipplei flower some years ago. It must have been 15ft high and towered up above the veranda on the second storey of the house! We are opposite the exit of the M2 Motorway so when ours flowers I expect traffic chaos across the road!

Dr. Timothy John Ingram
Faversham, Kent, UK
I garden in a relatively hot and dry region (for the UK!), with an annual rainfall of around 25", winter lows of -10°C and summer highs of 30°C.


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