Astragalus whitneyi

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John, have you noticed any effects of negative allelopathy around your Astragalus plants?

It would appear that certainly some species of this genus do produce the chemicals for this effect and, as I was hoping to use in a mixed bed situation, I'm having a rethink.  :rolleyes:

I can see it being an advantage where competition could be fierce, but on serpentine soils I'm wondering if it would be worth the energy required?

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I have not noticed any adverse effects to plants growing nearby.

North America members of the family Fabaceae: Oxytropis and Astragalus can and do poison grazing animals. They can produce a several toxins- sawainsonine (a phytotoxin), miserotoxin (a neurological & respiratory poison) or accumulate selenium (in large doses this can be toxic)

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