Androsace spinulifera?

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Lori S.
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Androsace spinulifera?

I've got lots of these, grown from seed this winter... any opinions on whether they really are Androsace spinulifera?  

I recall from this post that Androsace spinulifera takes on its spiny appearance with the winter resting buds:


The leaves on my plants are slightly toothed and Doreen's were not.

However, I note that these seedlings do look quite similar to the product of the Androsace fedtschenkoi seed that I bought from the same vendor:


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Hi, Lori,

I'd say no -- I have pictures of Androsace spinulifera in the wild in China and your seedling's leaves don't match at all.

Claire Cockcroft
Bellevue, Washington Zone 7-8

Lori S.
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Thanks, Claire.  

Rats!  Between the A. fedtschenkoi and whatever this is, if not more of the same, I've got about two dozen not-quite-what-I-had-in-mind Androsace seedlings.... yikes.  ;-)

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