Unknown bristly, alternate leaved seedlings

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Lori S.
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Unknown bristly, alternate leaved seedlings

Does this look familiar to anyone? This plant came up in 3 pots (two labelled as Saxifraga spruneri which it clearly isn't), which may suggest it was something in the soil I reused from last year... or that I'm really messy at planting seeds! (Yikes, was I closing my eyes and just tossing them in the general direction of the pots? :rolleyes:)

I wonder if it might be Onosma nana (see Fermi's photo for comparison), which is something I tried to grow both last year and this year (though I didn't note any germination success either time):

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

Mark McD
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Looks like an Onosma to me  :)

Mark McDonough
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Lori S.
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Yeah, I think the evidence points to Onosma nana and really careless planting/labelling.  :rolleyes:
I'll call them that unless another suggestion comes along.

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The two onosma I've grown had bumpy leaves in addition to hairs.  But I see from Fermi's pic that O. nana does not.  It sure seems like it to me, too.

I use recycled soil for transplants.  I always use fresh stuff for seeding.... :)

Rick Rodich    zone 4a.    Annual precipitation ~24 inches
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Yes, but such lovely leaves! Whatever it is, it is intriguing!

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